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In-Town Appointments

How It Works

  • Step ONE Select Garment Shirt, Jacket, Dress, Skirt...

  • Step TWO Choose Fabrics Cottons, Silks, Wools...

  • Step THREE Get Measured 15 Precise Body Measurements

  • Step FOUR Make It Yours Stitch Colors, Monograms

Call us today at (214) 360-7723, email us at, or click the button above to check availability and set up your appointment at the The Plaza at Preston Center location. Fittings are available from 10-6, Monday through Saturday, and by appointment after hours.

During your in person consult, our friendly and knowledgable stylists will walk you through the process of creating the perfect garment for your body type and lifestyle. There is nothing more satisfying than envisioning and enjoying unique clothing of your very own creation.

More Details

Get Measured

We get to know your style and take several precise body measurements to create your unique pattern.  You can also try on pieces from our wide selection of samples. Measuring takes around 5-10 minutes.

Style Consultation

Need help figuring out what your style should be? We will carefully guide you through the process of building your wardrobe. Choose from thousands of fabric and trim options, pick collars, cuffs, and more. You are always welcome to bring in any existing items and allow us to help you coordinate with them. The entire process takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Samples, Samples

We understand that sometimes it works best to see finished garments. We keep a constantly refreshed selection of over 250 sample garments that are meant to inspire. If there happens to be a sample in your size, it is available to you immediately.

Shirt/Jacket/Dress Cloning

Let us re-create your favorite shirt, custom blazer, skirt, or pants in any of thousands of fabric choices. Keep the parts you like, and eliminate the ones you don't. Precise measurements will be taken directly from your garment by our expert team.

Why Custom?

Learn more about how Double R uses five simple measurements to create the perfect custom shirt just for you.

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