Limited Edition Women's Custom Made - Tunics, Sleeveless, Camp Shirts – Double R Brand - Custom Made Shirts, Suiting, and Shirtdresses for Women

Camp Shirt - Aqua $275.00/Custom Made

Camp Shirt - Olive Broadcloth Solid $275.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Black Oxford $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Blue and White Chevron $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Burnt Orange $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Charcoal Blue Birdseye Check $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Double Pink Diamond $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - French Blue $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Green and Blue Gingham $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Grey End on End $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Ink Oxford $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Italian Red $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Lavender Twill $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Lime Prince of Wales $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Melon Twill $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Pink and White Colorblock $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Pink Diagonal Stripe $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - Red and Blue Gingham $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless - White Textured $195.00/Custom Made

Sleeveless Mock - Cashmere $325.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Black Hairline $250.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Blue Gingham $255.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Blue Oxford with Red/Blue Contrast Check $255.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Blue Paisley Linen $255.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Bright Pink Linen $250.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Green Gingham $255.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Grey with White Back $255.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Lavender Herringbone $255.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Lavender Oxford $255.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Navy with White Stitch $275.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Orange $250.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Pink Herringbone $250.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Red Bengal Stripe $275.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Red Oxford $250.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Royal Blue Oxford $250.00/Custom Made

Tunic - Sea Green Linen $250.00/Custom Made

Why Custom?

Learn more about how Double R uses five simple measurements to create the perfect custom shirt just for you.

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